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About Eel Skin - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Eel Skin Demagnetize Credit Cards?

Absolutely not! This is a myth that cropped up many years ago because of a feature of some of the best-selling eel skin wallets. Certain large manufacturers were using strong magnetic closures on their wallets and this did cause cards to be demagnetized.  However, manufacturers no longer put strong magnetic closures on their products and scientific studies have proven that eel skin is completely inert and cannot affect credit cards in any way.

p.s.  We do offer a magnetic money clip that has a very strong magnet and we therefore caution our customers to remember that the clip is for currency or paper (bills, notes, etc.) only and NOT credit cards.

Are The Eels Killed Solely For Their Skins?

No.  The conger eels are raised on farms in South Korea where eels are a popular food and the skins are sold to Korean manufacturers. It’s a system that’s very similar to farming cows and pigs in the U.S. – we eat the meat and, instead of just throwing them away, we use the hides to make shoes, belts, etc.  We at Big Island Kine are very sensitive to issues regarding the harvesting of animals used to make our products and buy directly from reputable manufacturers who obtain their material from farms.

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How Do You Keep Your Prices So Low?

We buy directly from manufacturers in South Korea that this store has been doing business with for over 20 years.  Because we buy directly from the factories and have the products shipped to our store in Hawaii, we don’t have to use a middle-man.  And, because we buy in very large amounts, we can get a better price which we then pass on to our customers.

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What Makes Eel Skin So Special?

Eel skin is such an attractive alternative to cowhide leather for so many reasons:

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How Do I Take Care Of My Eel Skin?

Eel skin is fairly maintenance-free.  However, to get the most from your eel skin item, it’s best to condition it from time to time with a colorless shoe wax.  This restores a bit of the skin’s natural oils which makes the item both last longer and look even more lustrous than ever.  However, this practice is not recommended for light-colored eel skin items (oyster, camel, pale pink) because the added oils tend to darken the pigment of the eel skin.
Here are a few tips if you get something on your eel skin item:

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Can I Get An Identically Matched Set Of Eel Skin Products?

Well, not “identical”. Because the eels themselves are never identical, neither will be the eel skin products.  Differences in dye-uptake, separate dye batches, individual hand-stitching and unique markings on the eel skin itself will ensure that the natural beauty of the eel skin leather comes through and no two items will be identical.  However, we at Big Island Kine take great care in matching up our items, so that if a customer orders multiple items in the same color (e.g. a #119 Hobo Bag and a #3 Large French Wallet, both in wine), we carefully screen our stock to find the best matching sets so that our eel skin products look beautiful together as well as on their own.

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